Well here it is, it was that time again to join Amy and all the hundreds of other soapers in the Great Cakes Soap Works “Mantra Swirl Challenge”.

Each month we are all learning a new technique or improving on one we already do.  The challenge this month was the Mantra Swirl.  This is one that I had not done before and was excited to do.  At least on the first couple tries.  After that it became an obsession to get it right.  When Amy first presented us with our July Challenge, we were given two different options.  The regular Mantra Swirl or the Modified Mantra Swirl that Kendra from Amathia Soapworks had developed.  I really liked the more advanced look that Kendra had done so I decided that this was the design I would do.  Unfortunately Kendra made it look way easier then it was.  Below is the video that Kendra did.


Kendra from Amathia Soapworks Video on the Modified Mantra Swirl

This was a first for me in more ways then one.  I have always been the one behind the camera, not in front of it.  I have had several new soapers asking if I had any videos they could watch.  So this one also includes one of my very first Soapmaking Videos.  Someday I may actually show more then my hands. LOL

After trying this design several times, like 6, I still wasn’t getting the pattern right.  Not to mention that even fragrances that I had tested prior were getting to thick on me before I even got to the pattern designing state, again, it was because I was over stick blending it.   I was messaging back and forth with Kendra when we hit on the problem, I was not actually doing the design right.  I was doing it like it was done on the Soap Queen blog which was not the way I needed to be doing it.   While taking an online class Friday with Kendra, I did my last and final try at the Mantra Swirl.  The pattern finally turned out.  Yup I put the stick blender down at last!   I hope you enjoy the video and the pictures of all the mishaps along the way.

The making of “Flirt” – Modified Mantra Swirl – Coconut Free Design


Here is my Pictures of my Final Batch!

Final Mantra                                         Lavender Mantra Swirl Log 


Sending out a safe and happy weekend to all my friends, family and fans.  We love you all!