Is a candle or tart worth more money if it is triple scented?

This is one of those things that I see all the time and it irritates the heck out of me.  Some candle makers refer to a triple scented candle as one that is layered with three different scents.  In that case I can see them charging a little more for it because yes it is more work.  But the ones that really bother me are the ones  selling tarts that say they will charge and extra $1.00 to triple scent them and then you will have a stronger longer lasting tart.  This is BULL!!!  Here is one of the well known secrets that those unscrupulous vendors don’t want you to know.

Wax only holds so much fragrance period!  Any good vendor is already putting in the maximum scent the wax will hold to give you the best tart that they can produce.  The ones that are telling you that for just a little more money, they will give you more scent and a better tart or candle are just trying to rip you off.

The second point I want to make is candles or tarts with excess oil on them.  These are not better tarts, they are not more fragrant, it just means they messed up.  Either their scent is not compatible with their wax,  they used more fragrance oil then the wax would hold, they are just using a cheap wax, or just messed up and didn’t do it at the right temperatures.  This is a SCREW UP!   But time and time again I see ladies going mad over tarts or loaves that have excess oil setting on them.  They won’t be any stronger and in some cases will actually be weaker because the oil didn’t bind properly with the wax.  But yet I see vendors selling these mess ups for big bucks because the consumers don’t know any better.

I want my customers and followers to know this information so that they can be informed to get their monies worth but not get ripped off.




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